This research was supported by the US Department of Agriculture UV-B Monitoring and Research Program (USDA-CSREES No. 2004-34263-14270 to Utah State University via subcontract with Colorado State University), the Utah Agricultural Experiment Station, the Loyola University J.H. Mullahy Endowment in Environmental Biology, and a Loyola University Faculty Research Grant. We are grateful to S. Kelly, M. Spriggs and V. Del Bianco for their assistance, and R. Koehler, D. Byrne, A. Teramura, and J. Juvik and the Mauna Kea Support Services for logistical support in Hawaii. Heinz Walz GmbH, Effeltrich, Germany and Gademann Instruments, GmbH, Wurzburg, Germany are gratefully acknowledged for their technical assistance and loan of instruments.

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