Turmeric Health Benefits and Culinary Uses

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Turmeric Benefits and Uses

One of the spices that you often see on the shelves but do not think much about is the spice turmeric. I bet you didn't think that you could do much with that? Well you would be wrong about that! This spice has a ton of uses, both for food and for health purposes. The turmeric root can get rid of digestive problems, and alleviate inflammation. You will learn everything that there is to know about this useful root in this ebook guide. You will be able to get rid of inflammation and digestive problems with only one cheap spice from your local grocery store. Turmeric is also thermogenic in nature, so it actually causes your cells to burn calories just by eating. Once you start using this cheap, easy-to-get spice you will be able to get rid of inflammation, joint pain, digestive problems, and lose weight to boot! Continue reading...

Turmeric Benefits and Uses Summary

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Author: Kimberly Scott
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Spatial Arrangement of Vegetation

The first layer is within 1 m height from the ground and is composed of vegetables, tuber crops, and other herbaceous plants. Shade-tolerant plant species like pineapple, turmeric, ginger, taro, etc., belongs to this stratum. The second layer (above 1-5 m) and third layer (5-10 m) are almost continuous and overlapping. Banana, papaya, lime, lemon, guava, pomegranate,

Homestead Agroforestry A System for Multiple Products

Image Homestead Agroforestry

Spices are the essential ingredients in the daily diet curry. Daily per capita consumption of spices at homestead level in rural areas is about 1 g (MoA-UNPD 2000). Its total demand is increasing in cognizance with the increase of population. The important spices crops are chilli (Capsicum spp.), onion (Allium cepa), garlic (Allium sativum), turmeric (Curcuma longa), ginger (Zingiber officinale) and coriander (Coriandrum sativum). All these are grown throughout the country especially in homestead agroforestry system (Fig. 16.11) though yield levels vary across the locations. Generally, resource-poor and small farmers are the main producers and earn cash income in addition to their own consumption. The greater opportunity of producing spices especially turmeric, ginger, chilli, and coriander in homestead level is the genetic ability of those species to grow under shade provided by different types of trees, and trellis made for growing other vegetables. Research findings showed that...

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