Notation and abbreviations for Chapter

cv, cp specific heats, the overbar indicates quantities expressed per mole (Jmol-1K-1)

dQrev infinitesimal absorption of heat, subscript indicating that the change be reversible (J) dSU,V infinitesimal change in entropy during which U and V are held constant (JK-1) F force (N)

g Gibbs energy per kilogram (J kg-1)

G Gibbs energy per mole or molar Gibbs energy (J mol-1)

G Gibbs energy (J)

H enthalpy (J)

k = R/cp (dimensionless)

I chemical potential of species i, same as Gi (J mol-1)

v, vA, vB number of moles, number of moles of species A, B

p pressure (Pa)

p(V) pressure as a function of volume; expression for a curve in the (p, V) plane

R gas constant for a particular gas (J kg-1 K-1)

s entropy per unit mass (lower case indicates per unit mass)

S, SA, SB entropy, entropy of state A, state B (J K-1)

Ssys, Ssurr, Suniverse entropy for the system, surroundings, universe (sys+surr)

6 potential temperature (K)

U internal energy (J)

UA, UB internal energy at states A, B (J)

, Qa^b work done by the system, heat taken into the system in going from state A to state B (J)

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