n aApproximate interception date. bAveraged value.

territories. On the contrary, borehole network in the region is wide; thus, Cuba represents the typical example of the regions that without GST reconstructions could appear as "white spots" on the world climatic map. Cermak and Bodri (2001) re-opened the earlier interpretation of the 33 borehole dataset from Cuba measured by three joint Czech-Cuban geophysical expeditions between years 1981 and 1986 (Cermak et al., 1991). Boreholes are situated all over the territory of Cuba (Figure 92). Regardless of the borehole position or local geological setting, temperature logs revealed a pronounced anomalous curvature in the upper depth sections of practically all holes visited (Figure 93). The first GST reconstructions were performed using the ramp/step model and revealed 1.6-8.0 K

Fig. 92. Cuba: Location of borehole sites at which temperature-depth profiles were measured.


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