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Winsome Coutts, a mother of two and a grandmother, has a teacher's certification in education and she has taught several schools in Australia and Canada. She has also written hundreds of articles concerning self-development. Winsome has a passion for the Law of attraction, meditation, Self-help of Personal development, goal setting, and the secret movie. She decided to engage in the pursuit of knowledge in the mentioned areas throughout her life. Winsome has considerable experience raising children following her studies in Child psychology at University, and as a past teacher, a parent, and a grandparent. She knows that when children learn how to plan for their future and how to achieve their goals, they have a skill that will last them a lifetime. Winsome personally studied with two popular teachers, John Demartini and Bob Proctor and both are featured in The Secret' movie. For several decades since the early 90s, she has been goal setting for kids, visualizing, and applying the law of attraction. The law of attraction for kids is the first book ever to describe the law of attraction and the term goal setting. The language employed is simple for your children to understand and it will answer any question about the life-changing topics in a more detailed parent's guide. Read more here...

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I've really worked on the chapters in this ebook and can only say that if you put in the time you will never revert back to your old methods.

In addition to being effective and its great ease of use, this eBook makes worth every penny of its price.

Controlled Ion and Water Uptake

Water channels, aquaporins (AQP), are found in all organisms as members of a superfamily of membrane proteins, 26-30 kDa in size, termed MIP (major intrinsic protein).76-77 The presence of aquaporins increases membrane permeability to water in both directions, depending on osmotic pressure differences across the membrane. Some family members encode glycerol facilitators. Other MIPs in microorganisms, animals and plants may mediate ion transport and or the

Protection Motivation Theory An Organizing Framework

Members compared to government representatives (i.e., emergency managers, police, elected officials Dow and Cutter 1998 Lindell et al. 2005 Mason-Dixon Polling and Research 2007 Zhang et al. 2007). That is, people are more likely to base evacuation decisions upon persuasive communications from family members than from others.

Homestead Agroforestry and Management A Key Employment Opportunity for the Women

In Bangladesh, women were once mostly involved in the household activities particularly in taking care of children and other family members, preparing and serving food to members of the household. But the scenarios have changed gradually as the women are now becoming the potential producer of the of homestead products in Bangladesh (Fig. 16.14). Women are deeply involved in the process of homestead farming from sowing to harvesting, processing and marketing of products (Chowdhury et al. 1992 FSES 1999). Although every member of the family has some contribution in homestead farming, the major labour input is contributed by women (Sultana 1993). Their roles vary widely depending upon the socioeconomic and religious factors. It has been shown that female labors of landless families gave the maximum time compared to other categories of families (Nessa et al. 1998). They spend about one fourth of their total time in homestead production activities and increase family income (Ali 2003)....

Cognitive Mediating Processes

The likelihood that an adaptive response is performed will be decreased to the extent that a person perceives increasing costs, which are broadly conceived here in terms of time, money, emotional effort, convenience, and or interpersonal resources, among other variables. With respect to secondary adaptation, a driver may believe that the time required to take an alternate route (adaptive response) is too great compared to the estimated risk of driving through a flooded roadway (risky response). People living near coastlines or rivers may not have the financial resources to purchase flood insurance or, in the case of hurricanes, to purchase storm shutters by way of primary adaptation. Response costs may also take the form of financial opportunities that are lost when one evacuates, concerns about crowded roadways, and concerns about possessions being damaged or stolen (Blendon et al. 2006 Smith and McCarty 2007). Regarding attachment costs, younger family members may not evacuate ahead...

The hurricane Ike evacuation

Discharged or transferred to other hospitals. Four hundred, sixty-nine (469) patients were evacuated during Thursday September 11th 2008, during the period of 36 to 24 hours before the estimated arrival of sustained 40 mile per hour winds (H-0). All mobile patients and those without need for monitoring were discharged directly and picked up by family members. Eighty-two patients were transported by coach. One hundred, forty-three (143) ambulances were sent to Galveston from a staging area in San Antonio, Texas, some 225 miles away. Forty-eight patients were transferred by ambulance to the nearest airports. Following these shuttle-transports all available 143 ambulances transported patients to the above mentioned hospitals. An additional 23 patients would be picked up by helicopters, directly from the landing deck of the UTMB Emergency Room. One hundred and two correctional patients were transferred from the hospital operated jointly by UTMB and the Texas Department of Criminal...

Misleading and Irresponsible Statements

There is nothing new in this, as Jenner (Miller 1983) discovered when he was faced with the cost in lives and suffering resulting from the activities of the anti-vaccinationists 'One would think the statement of Facts, as they now stand before the Public from every Quarter of the Globe would blow away such stuff as these abominable people produce, like Chaff, but it is not so, or the Bills of Mortality would not exhibit weekly such horrid scenes of devastation from the Smallpox'. It would be understandable if such a man were to say 'I have given you the means to eradicate smallpox take it or leave it. If you prefer to remain in ignorance, to see your children die in torments, then let it be on your head and not on mine'. If he goes on fighting the ignorant mobs it is because he has in mind the reflection finely put by Donald MacKay (1979) 'The accusation of which we

Society and Social Structure

By the late 19th century, the family was the main economic unit. Reindeer were the private property of some family members. Property was inherited through the men's line, and after the husband's death it stayed in the family. Although families were headed by the father, the mother still had relatively high authority. Marriage was accompanied by payment of kalym (bride price) to the bride's family. Usually a fiancee's dowry was equal to the kalym. Polygamy and levirate (whereby the younger brother married the wife of his dead elder brother and provided for her family) were known.

Effective Adaptation Will Come from Adjustments in Behavior and Social and Economic Systems

Societal vulnerability is to a significant extent a reflection of individual vulnerability (Stewart). Therefore, a greater understanding is needed of individual perception of risk and effective measures for motivating appropriate change. Stewart uses the Protection Motivation Therapy (PMT) to examine psychological constraints to an individual's adaptation to climate variability. Climate events are individually and socially construed, which affects the information that people extract and their uses of this information. People evaluate both whether a particular weather pattern is dangerous, as well as their vulnerability to the event. As a consequence, the types of adaptation actions undertaken will vary across people, groups, and organizations. Although people gather information from a range of intra- and interpersonal sources, there is evidence that they are more likely to gather and trust information from friends and family members than from government representatives. Increasing the...

Environmental Programs

Because the population of Alaska is widely scattered and travel is often difficult, the needs of rural Alaskans are different from those of larger, more populated areas. A number of programs, such as RurAL CAP, have been established to meet these distinct needs. Alaska Environmental Resource Hub Online serves as an interactive environmental educational tool and provides a forum for addressing issues that include compliance, solid waste management, air quality, environmental justice, and health. RurAL CAP works closely with the local Indian General Assistance Program. The Alaska Village Indoor Air Quality Program provides education on environmental issues in rural communities and advises Alaskans on reducing exposure to domestic hazardous waste, installing carbon monoxide alarm systems, and using non-toxic green cleaning kits. RurAL CAP and RAVEN AmeriCorps members use the Savin Raven Game to teach children about environmental issues.

Policy Implications Of Climate Information

In the previous sections, we identified some of the positive and negative socioeconomic effects and adaptations by members of the Peruvian fishing sector to ENSO events. At the artisanal level, this may include gear switching or migration to take advantage of changing marine resources. At the industrial level, many firms have adapted by diversifying, including moving into canning as well as fishmeal, but also into other industries. Some industrial fishermen and plant workers have second jobs, or small shops, often run out of their homes by family members. This helps to carry them through the leaner fishing seasons, as there are no laws that guarantee a minimum wage or labor security during poor fishing periods. Banks respond by altering their loan policy (usually in unfavourable ways) and by refinancing existing loans. Scientific institutions adapt by increasing their monitoring efforts, as well as using the event itself to lobby for more funding from the central government....

Differentiation between income levels in poor areas of China

Ye (2002) defines a farmer initiative as the impetus that sufficiently and necessarily drives a farmer (or group of farmers) to formulate a realistic strategic plan, and to implement it in an attempt to create space for maneuver and to pursue change through changing social conditions. He lists the critical factors contributing to the process of various farmer initiatives in China as including trust, social networks, information derived from networks, past experiences, media and publications, calculations of cost-effectiveness, enlightenment from interaction with and influence of family members and the network of outsiders, information from the market, visits to successful cases, self-help and cooperation, reputation (respect, credibility), interests, beliefs, curiosity vis- -vis the outside world, technology innovation, knowledge from publications and training, study visits, skills and technical capability, enlightenment from observation and favorable policies. Many of these are...

Public Priorities Where Does Biodiversity Rank

It would be unfortunate to dwell at length on the unbalanced public perception of various environmental issues without recognizing perhaps the most fundamental obstacle in communicating the urgency of these problems. We humans, of course, are confronted with many problems, environmental or otherwise, and without some sense of priorities, we would be totally overwhelmed by them. Recent surveys (Curry et al., 2007) show that in the U.S., environmental issues, even with the added concern over global warming, still rank below terrorism, the Iraq war, health care, the economy, education, the quality of government leaders, Social Security, illegal immigrants, and family values. One may have scientific, political, and social views that lead them to disagree with the higher rankings of some of these topics, but it would be absurd to claim that terrorism and health care do not warrant our serious attention. Nonetheless, environmental issues should elicit greater concern, simply because they...

Prospects For The Future

Mental concerns below other challenges such as terrorism, the economy, and family values. Novacek analyzes this state of affairs and argues that effective ways must be found to tailor biodiversity messages to each target audience. Enlightened environmental measures by corporations and democratic governments will be achieved only if the power of the people is marshaled in favor of conservation efforts.


Some research indicates that families with relatives outside the affected area are more likely to evacuate (Drabek and Boggs 1968 Drabek and Stephenson 1971). Called evacuation by invitation, family members in safe areas provide accommodations for those in affected areas (Quarantelli 1980). This type of evacuation by invitation may be due to the strength of weak ties (Granovetter 1983). Weak ties with those outside ones primary social network may allow for access to information and organizational capacity that encourage evacuation but may not be available to those with a narrower and more local network.


If those who are at highest risk for evacuation failure were also more likely to be missed in this survey, there is potential for response bias. To minimize this problem, interviews were conducted on weekends and weekdays during both day and evening hours. However, only those who were still living in the same location as they were when Hurricane Isabel made landfall were eligible to participate. Renters, those living in poverty, and other underserved groups may be more likely to move to different addresses or stay with friends or family members for a period of time and therefore would have been ineligible to participate. In addition, due to the nature of the questionnaire, only the characteristics and actions of residents were measured. Therefore the role that local governments and other agencies played in evacuation decision making of residents could not be assessed.

Awareness Raising

On the individual level, certain precautions can be taken to prepare for natural disasters, and some associated climate change, including extreme heat or winter weather, flooding, hurricanes, landslides and mudslides, tornadoes, tsunamis, and wildfires. Taking preparedness actions helps people deal with disasters in an effective manner. Having emergency supplies of water, food, and first aid prepared and easily available allows an individual or families to either evacuate quickly or shelter in place as appropriate. Having a plan of action for where to go, how to reconnect with family members, and dealing with finances lessens the stress involved with disasters.

Eyak Child Birth

Eyak people were divided into two exogamous groups or moieties, meaning members from either the Eagle or Raven clan had to marry outside their group. Marriages were arranged by family members. Beyond the stratified system and the marriage limitation, there were no social restrictions made with in- and out-group moiety interactions. The Raven and Eagle moiety system was analogous to the Athapaskan (Crow and Seagull) and Tlingit (Raven and Eagle Wolf) and this similar cultural system allowed for trade and relations. For example, the Eyak and Tlingit invited each other to potlatches at their villages or at Kattala. Yet, the Eyak did not trade, interact, or have potlatches with the Alutiiq because of the moiety organization, food, language, and cultural differences. Wars with the Alutiit were common due to territorial disputes, revenge, and the theft of women.

Michael J Novacek

To engage people in biodiversity and other environmental issues, one must provide the opportunity for enhanced understanding that empowers individuals to make choices and take action based on sound science and reliable recommendations. To this end, we must acknowledge some real challenges. Recent surveys show that, despite growing public concern, environmental issues still rank below many other problems, such as terrorism, health care, the economy, and (in the U.S.) family values. Moreover, much of the recent upswing in interest in the environment is due to the marked shift in attention to global warming away from other environmental problems such as destruction of ecosystems, water pollution, overpopulation, and biodiversity loss. Such a change in public focus often comes with a tendency to decouple various environmental problems and ignore their synergistic effects. Exacerbating this problem are arguments from the media and other sources that discourage public interest in...

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