1.1 Composition of world primary energy demand in 2004 13

1.2 OECD and world GDP and energy/carbon intensities 15

8.1 DTI 2010 projections versus optimised generating portfolios 133

9.1 From the connection of DG to network transformation 158

11.1 Early assessment of the stringency of EU ETS Phase 2

National Allocation Plans 192


1.1 Climate change mitigation in developing countries 16

7.1 Criteria for good deliberation 111

7.2 The Dutch energy transition process 115

9.1 The Danish example 156

9.2 UK network regulation and DG 160

10.1 The 'brown consumer' 166

10.2 The 'green citizen' 169

11.1 Key terms in emissions trading schemes 184

11.2 The EU Emissions Trading Scheme 189

11.3 Key elements of the European Commission's proposals for Phase 3 of the EU ETS 193

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