'Governance' is used here to refer to three related sets of concerns (Mayntz, 2003).

(i) Processes of governing: In the broadest terms, how do governments set about the process elements of governing? In Section 13.2.1 the focus is on the balance between democratic and authoritarian tendencies in government, and between the pursuit of defined outcomes or visions and a 'laissez faire' approach.

(ii) Modes of co-ordination: Section 13.2.2 addresses the types and mixes of market, regulatory and deliberative mechanisms for pursuing sustainable energy governance, and the implications for institutional forms and participation.

(iii) Policy instruments: Section 13.2.3 investigates the incentives, conflicts and barriers that shape individual and organisational behaviour in relation to energy supply and use. It asks: which policy instruments are used or could be used to steer society towards sustainable energy use?

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