1. The criteria were initially introduced by the EEA in 1998-1999 in Europe's Environment: The Second Assessment, p. 284, and in Europe's Environment at the Turn of the Century, p. 20 (EEA 1998, 1999b). The criteria were based on key environmental programs such as the Rio Declaration; the European Commission's 5th Environmental Action Programme; the Pan-European Environmental Programme for Europe; policy papers produced to implement the EU Treaty provisions on integration, including the Commission of the European Communities Communication on Integration; conclusions of the Cardiff, Vienna, and Cologne summits; draft council papers on sectoral integration for the Helsinki Summit; and associated commentaries from the European Environmental Bureau and member states.

2. Council Regulation (EEC) no. 1210/90 of May 7, 1990, as amended by Council Regulation 933/1999 of April 29, 1999.

3. The EEA Expert Group on Guidelines and Reporting brought together national experts on the state of the environment and indicator reporting, meeting twice a year to discuss topics of mutual interest and to advise the EEA on its reporting activities.

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