Metainformation on Indicators

Compendium of Sustainable Development Indicator Initiatives

The International Institute for Sustainable Development created a large database of indicator initiatives. The current version, which houses information on about 600 initiatives, shows in-depth information on each initiative, including the type of initiative, the nature of public involvement, geographic scope, complete contact information, and project goals. See

Composite Indicators: An Information Server on Composite Indicators

The Joint Research Center runs a site developed to present methodology, case studies, articles, books, software, workshops, and any news related to composite indicators in a concise way. Composite indicators are organized in five broad thematic categories: environment; society; economy; innovation, technology, and information; and globalization. Detailed descriptions of each indicator include the scope of the index, the normalization method applied to the indicators, the weighting method, whether correlation and sensitivity analysis during the construction of the composite indicator were considered, and discussions (papers, reports, workshops) related to the composite indicator in question. See

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