Further Work Needed to Develop Sustainable Development Indicators

Edgar E. Gutierrez-Espeleta

By the late 1980s and early 1990s, a new paradigm started to rise among those who recognized that important things for development had not been developed. Redevelopment was then proposed (to develop what was not developed in the past) and later evolved into what is now known as sustainable development.

Sustainable development was conceived as a strategy to sustain development within certain limits, where both technology and social organization can be ordered and improved in such a manner that a path can be opened for a new era of economic growth

In light of the holism and synergism that the concept of sustainable development brought about and the need to improve societal diversity and access to opportunities for all, sectoral policies as they are understood and practiced today are not all useful. Economic, social, or environmental sectors, dimensions, or attributes of development are not sufficient to characterize what is needed to sustain the quality of life for all.

As we understand them today, economic problems do not have economic solutions, nor do environmental problems have environmental solutions. If one thing is clear today, it is that solutions to societal problems must address the society and its relationship with nature as a whole.

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