Domestic Material Consumption DMC

DMC measures the annual amount of raw materials extracted from the domestic territory (DE) plus all imports minus all exports. The definition of DMC thus corresponds to apparent consumption, not final consumption. It is important to keep this definition in mind when interpreting DMC. From the point of view of final consumption, an imported commodity is functionally equivalent to a domestically produced commodity. In DMC, though, these functional equivalents lead to great differences. Similarly, producing a commodity for export is intuitively unrelated to the domestic consumption of materials, but according to the makeup of DMC, all wastes occurring in the course of this production are a component of domestic consumption. Thus, DMC can be better interpreted as domestic waste potential and refers to all materials used and consumed in both production and consumption processes (Weisz et al. 2005a). This national waste potential will either add to environmental pressure within the national territory (immediately or some time in the future) or create an international environmental pressure attributed to the responsibility of the country (in the case of CO2 emissions).

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