List ofFigures, Tables, Boxes, and Appendices xi

Foreword: Finding the Right Indicators for Policymaking xvii

Preface xxiii

Acknowledgments xxvii

1. Challenges to Sustainability Indicators 1

Bedrich Moldan and Arthur Lyon Dahl

PART I: Cross-Cutting Issues 25

2. Meeting Conceptual Challenges 27

Sylvia Karlsson, Arthur Lyon Dahl, Reinette (Oonsie) Biggs, Ben J. E. ten Brink, Edgar Gutierrez-Espeleta, Mohd Nordin Hj. Hasan, Gregor Laumann, Bedrich Moldan, Ashbindu Singh, Joachim H. Spangenberg, and David Stanners

3. Identifying Methodological Challenges 49

Tom Bauler, Ian Douglas, Peter Daniels,Volodymyr Demkine, Nina Eisenmenger, Jasper Grosskurth,Tomas Hak, Luuk Knippenberg, Jock Martin, Peter Mederly, Robert Prescott-Allen, Robert Scholes, and Jaap van Woerden

4. Ensuring Policy Relevance 65

Louise Rickard, Jochen Jesinghaus, Christof Amann, Gisbert Glaser, Stephen Hall, Marion Cheatle, Alain Ayong Le Kama, Erich Lippert, Jacqueline McGlade, Kenneth Ruffing, and Edwin Zaccai

PART II: General Approaches / Arthur Lyon Dahl 81

5. Indicators: Boring Statistics or the Key to Sustainable Development? 83

Jochen Jesinghaus

6. Sustainability Indicators: An Economist's View 97

Tomasz Zylicz

7. The Institutional Dimension of Sustainable Development . .107

Joachim H. Spangenberg

PART III: Methodological Aspects / Arthur Lyon Dahl 125

8. Frameworks for Environmental Assessment and Indicators at the EEA 127

David Stanners, Peter Bosch, Ann Dom, Peder Gabrielsen, David Gee, Jock Martin, Louise Rickard, and Jean-Louis Weber

9. Frameworks for Policy Integration Indicators, for Sustainable Development, and for Evaluating Complex Scientific Evidence 145

David Stanners, Ann Dom, David Gee, Jock Martin, Teresa Ribeiro, Louise Rickard, and Jean-Louis Weber

10. Integrated Assessment and Indicators 163

Arthur Lyon Dahl

11. Qualitative System Sustainability Index: A New Type of Sustainability Indicator 177

Jasper Grosskurth and Jan Rotmans

PART IV: System and Sectoral Approaches / Arthur Lyon Dahl 189

12. Indicators of Natural Resource Use and Consumption 193

Nina Eisenmenger, Marina Fischer-Kowalski, and Helga Weisz

13. Indicators to Measure Decoupling of Environmental Pressure from Economic Growth 211

Kenneth Ruffing

14. Geobiosphere Load: Proposal for an Index 223

Bedrich Moldan,Tomas Hak, Jan Kovanda, Miroslav Havranek, and Petra Kuskova

15. Sustainable Development and the Use of Health and Environment Indicators 237

Yasmin von Schirnding

16. Biodiversity Indicators 249

Reinette (Oonsie) Biggs, Robert J. Scholes, Ben J. E. ten Brink, and David Vackár

17. Human Appropriation of Net Primary Production (HANPP) as an Indicator for Pressures on Biodiversity 271

Helmut Haberl, Karl-Heinz Erb, Christoph Plutzar, Marina Fischer-Kowalski, and Fridolin Krausmann

PART V: Case Studies / Arthur Lyon Dahl 289

18. The Development of UK Sustainable Development Indicators: Making Indicators Work 293

Stephen Hall

19. Developing Tools for the Assessment of Sustainable Development in the Province of Brabant, the Netherlands . .309

Luuk Knippenberg,Theo Beckers, Wim Haarmann, Frans Hermans, John Dagevos, and Imre Overeem

20. Sustainability Assessment Indicators: Development of Practice in China 329

Rusong Wang and Juergen Paulussen

21. Core Set of UNEP GEO Indicators Among Global Environmental Indices, Indicators, and Data 343

Jaap van Woerden, Ashbindu Singh, and Volodymyr Demkine

22. Further Work Needed to Develop Sustainable Development Indicators 351

Edgar E. Gutiérrez-Espeleta

23. Yale and Columbia Universities' Environmental Sustainability Index 2005 361

Annex: Menu of Selected Sustainable Development Indicators 369

List ofContributors 389

SCOPE Series List 395

SCOPE Executive Committee 2005-2008 399

Index 401

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