Box 91 Gearsd A framework for environmental assessment and reporting in the context of SD

• We want to provide future generations the same environmental potential as the current one (intergenerational equity).

•We want our economic growth to be less natural resource intensive and less polluting (decoupling).

•We want a better integration of sectoral and environmental policies (sector integration).

• We want to maintain and enhance the adaptive capacity of the environmental system (adaptability).

• We want to avoid irreversible and long-term environmental damage to ecosystems and human health (avoid irreversible damage).

•We want to avoid imposing unfair or high environmental costs on vulnerable population categories (distributional equity).

• We want the EU to assume responsibility for the environmental effects it has outside the EU geographic area (global responsibility).

•We want rules, processes, and practices to ensure the uptake of SD goals and implementation of cost-effective policies at all levels of governance (SD governance).

Source: EEA.

Figure 9.6. Scope of GEAR-SD (courtesy of the EEA).

ferent levels. Most important, it may help identify SD indicators at the critical SD interfaces. Similar analyses of the SD interfaces with the economic and social pillars, if applied, would greatly improve SD-relevant assessments of these domains and strengthen cross-sectoral, integrated thinking.

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