Core institutional indicators suggestions and sources continued

Percentage of sustainability-related education in schools and Germany (1999)

adult education or time budget spent in grades 5—8 on environmental "syndromes"* Percentage of teachers taking part in training for sustainability New education per annum. Share of adult population taking part in adult education Established programs (full and part time) Share of university professors researching traditional methods New of knowledge as related to share of indigenous people in the total population

Average number of languages spoken per person New

Gender Related

Similar constitutional and legal rights for women and men Established in the areas of electoral rights, inheritance, contractual (ordinal relations, divorce, and choice of profession as percentage of indicators)

limitations on these rights Share of measures to secure baby food quality in drinking New water investments* Share of water infrastructure plans based on women's New day-to-day water use analysis* Relationship of average incomes in production and New reproduction work Share of women earning more than their partners and New the share of men doing so* Gender-sensitive control mechanisms in legislation New and implementation Share of gender-specific data collection and interpretation New as a share of total data collection with reference to population groups* Share of gender-sensitive research in the research budget New per discipline

Percentage of female experts in expert databases New

Share of data collection work based on problem definitions New developed from the everyday life experience of women, particularly in agricultural, water management, and health care research and planning*

Share of women in the 2 top levels of the 10 biggest companies, Established in public administration, in national NGOs and interest groups, in parliament and government, and among professors Share of these institutions with 50% or more women in the New

2 top levels

Participants and budget share of top-level training courses New specifically for women Average frequency and expenditure for effectiveness assessment New of plans to reduce gender inequality in main organizations* Share of staff in charge of analyzing conditions of and progress New in reducing gender inequality Share of men in top positions with demonstrated qualifications New in reproductive and care work (e.g., having taken educational time off)*

Share of official information publications specifically dedicated Established to gender issues

Share of research expenditure for these links in economics, New policy sciences, environmental sciences, and sociology and in the national research budget* Frequency of budget lines including these links as a purpose or New criterion for eligibility in total institutions that support funding of the ministries for research, economics, environment, and development

Human Rights

Violations of Human Rights Charter (including social rights) Established

Government ratification of 8 international conventions related UNDPCSD

to fundamental human rights (1996)

Number of people and percentage of population living in Established absolute and relative poverty

Sufficient shelter and nutrition (percentage of population) Established

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