United Nations Chief Executives Board CEB

In 2003, the UN Chief Executives Board adopted a set of guidelines to support sustainable development within the UN system at the agency level, which has subsequently led to the establishment of UN Water, UN Oceans and UN Energy.1

One of the key subsidiary bodies of the CEB is the High-Level Committee on Programmes (HLCP). In addition to providing the forum for interagency dialogue in the development and launching of new programme initiatives, the HLCP advises the CEB on issues of 'strategic planning, policy and programme development and implementation, and on other areas that require priority attention in response to the challenges facing the UN system and the global community' (UN, 2000).

The committee also fosters and supports the integrated and coordinated implementation and follow-up of major UN conferences and summits. To enable the CEB to be effective on system-wide activities on climate change, it has established a working group on the issue. The working group reports to the HLCP, prepares input to the UNFCCC meetings and reviews the outcomes of the system as a whole.

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