Sectors that need special precautions or moratoria

The MDBs should follow the recommendations of the Extractive Industries Review. No new lending should be made to fossil fuel development such as coal mining, tar sands or oil and gas production; these extractive industries have a sorry record of corruption and failure to address the energy needs of the poor or to promote solid development of local economies.

Large hydropower (above 10MW), especially in tropical areas, should not be considered a renewable or 'clean' technology - heed the advice of the World Commission on Dams.

Forestry and deforestation are the largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions in many developing countries. The MDBs must stop funding deforestation via livestock, agriculture and industrial forest concessions. These projects have a record of failing to help the poor, on top of the greenhouse gas impacts. Specifically, they should prohibit any funding for projects that fragment or convert natural forests for any purpose.

They should put a comprehensive moratorium in place to end investments in commercial-scale livestock and related feed production and infrastructure. Focus on healthy food, mixed farming for smallholders and local markets.

The MDBs should confront 'carbon capture and storage' technology with the same scepticism with which they have long treated renewable energy.

Finally, MDBs' role in carbon trading needs scrutiny - because of real or perceived conflicts of interest, the MDBs should confine their role to developing the models, and then phase out their participation. They should not be long-term fund managers.

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