1 The community obtained a landmark victory at the Federal High Court sitting in Benin City, Nigeria, on 14 November 2005 with a declaration that gas flaring is a violation of the human rights of the local people, as well as being a monumental waste of resources. The court more or less declared gas flaring an illegal activity.

2 Multinational Monitor (2007) 'Editorial: The end of oil', Multinational Monitor, Washington, January/February, p6. This issue of the Multinational Monitor illustrates, among others things, that the 'Corporate control of energy policy and energy resources, especially in the United States, the country that consumes more energy than any other, is the single greatest obstacle to slow and hopefully reverse the world's headlong rush to disaster.'

3 Oilwatch International, World Oil Atlas, Quito.

4 See for more information on this and related topics.

5 Visit GroundWork/Friends of the Earth South Africa website for more details: www.

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7 ERA works in collaboration with other Nigerian and African NGOs and networks. Such networks include the Green Alliance Nigeria - a network of environmental NGOs in Nigeria - and the Host Communities Network (HoCoN). HoCoN is a network of communities affected by the extractive industry activities. The HoCoN concept blunts the strategy of government and transnational corporations to divide communities hosting their activities from those who merely suffer the impacts.

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