1 The most commonly cited academics linking environmental crises to mass populations movements are Homer-Dixon (1991), Myers and Kent (1995), Black (2001) and Castles (2002).

2 Other events include the joint United Nations University (UNU)-United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)-United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)-International Organization for Migration (IOM) panel discussion Environmental Refugees: The Forgotten Migrants in May 2007, and the Institute for Research on Public Policy workshop on Environmental Change, Population Displacement and Acute Conflict in June 1991.

3 This is not to say that the UK government is not also motivated by humanitarian concerns. But the appeal of halting migration in its tracks appears to be as important, if not the overriding aim. As David Miliband recently explained: 'This mission is, for my government, driven by both moral purpose and national interest. We must address the insecurity and inequality that exists beyond our borders if we are to enhance security and prosperity within our borders' (Miliband, 2007a).

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