List of Figures, Tables and Boxes viii

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Foreword by Achim Steiner UNEP Executive Director xxii Preface: Tomorrow Is Today by Felix Dodds, Andrew Higham and

Richard Sherman xxiv

List of Acronyms, Abbreviations and Other Special Terms xxviii

Part I Energy Insecurity: Challenges to Future Energy Stability

1 The Challenge of Climate Change from a Developing Country 1 Marthinhus van Schalkwyk

2 Energy Consumption Challenge of the Industrialized World:

An Overview of German Climate Policy 9

Sigmar Gabriel

3 Oil: How Can Europe Kick the Habit of Dependence? 18 Derek Osborn

4 The Nuclear Option 25 Elizabeth Dowdeswell

5 Bioenergy: Neither Golden Solution nor Prescription for Disaster 35 J├╝rgen Maier

6 Localized Energy Conflicts in the Oil Sector 46 Nnimmo Bassey

Part II Climate Insecurity: A Challenge to Peace, Security and Development

Creating a Climate of Security: The Latest Science and Acceptable Risk 61

Andrew Higham

8 Climate of Fear: Environment, Migration and Security 71 Devyani Gupta

9 Changing Economics 80 Nicholas Stern

10 Water Scenarios: 'The Unpredictable Flow' 92 Johan Kuylenstierna, Michael Moore and Dave Trouba

11 Handling or not Handling the Food Crisis 105 Jacques Diouf

12 Climate Change and Biodiversity Loss: The Great New Threats to Peace, Security and Development 110

Ahmed Djoghlaf

13 Climate Change: A New Threat to Middle East Security 116 Gidon Bromberg, Ladeene Freimuth, Nader al Khateeb and Munqeth Mehyar

14 At the Water's Edge: Climate Justice, Small Islands and 127 Sustainable Development

Ambassador Stuart Beck and Michael K. Dorsey

Part III Governing Climate and Energy Instability: Avenues for Preventative Diplomacy

15 Climate Risks and Insecurities 141 Melinda Kimble

16 A Multilateral System for Climate and Energy Security:

What Roles for Existing Institutions? 152

Felix Dodds and Richard Sherman

17 Who Decides? The Role of the United Nations and Security

Council in Addressing Climate and Energy Insecurity 170

Chris Spence

18 Financing the Low-Carbon Transition in Developing Countries:

The Role of Multilateral Development Banks 178

Barbara J. Bramble

19 European Union Response to the Challenge 193 Stavros Dimas

20 Sub-National Climate Change Action Model for the World 198 Linda Adams and Steve Howard

21 A Green New Deal: Poverty Reduction and Economic Stability in a Carbon-Constrained World 208

Andrew Simms

22 Energy, Climate Change and Human Security: The Trade Union Challenge 219 Winston Gereluk and Lucien Royer

What is a Credible Corporate Response to Climate Change? 231

Craig Bennett

24 Taking Action: Financing a Climate Change Technology

Revolution 246

Andrew Higham


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