Mars present and past

The current seasonal cycle on Mars. Asymmetries between the solstices; Southern winter is much colder than Northern winter. CO2 condensation, and the seasonal cycle of surface pressure. Seasonal cycle of Ar as a diagnostic of polar condensation. The strong, deep diurnal cycle on Mars. Factors limiting the polar night temperature drop on Mars, and relevant observations. Seasonal cycle of surface pressure, and mass of polar cap (effective thermal inertia due to latent heat). For latter problem, point out asymmetry between sublimating stage and condensing stage, which comes in if the atmosphere can be unsaturated with regard to CO2 (possible for condensing stage. How about for warming stage? Basic calculation consists of assuming atmosphere is on saturated one-component adiabat, with temperature continuous at the surface)

Early Mars: Mars with a thick CO2 atmosphere, but without major oceans. Estimates for various values of the obliquity. Can we have seasonal summertime melting? Can we form transient or permanent CO2 glaciers?

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