For Further Reading

For a comprehensive reference to the planetary boundary layer and atmospheric turbulence, see

• Garrett JR 1994: The Atmospheric Boundary Layer. Cambridge, 334pp.

Meaurements of the hottest ground temperature on Earth are discussed in:

• Mildrexler, Zhao and Running 2006: "Where are the hottest spots on Earth" EOS 87.

A discussion of Monin-Obukhov scaling functions for the unstable case, with particular attention to the free-convection limit, can be found in:

• Delage Y and Girard C 1992: Stability Functions Correct at the Free Convection Limit and Consistent for Both the Surface and Ekman Layers. Boundary-Layer Meteorology, 58, 19-31.

This journal is the primary source for results about turbulent fluxes in the surface layer and the planetary boundary layer.

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