where r = r/rs, $ = $/$*, T = T/T* and Q is the nondimensional heating profile. Similarly, if one nondimensionalizes the energy equation by dividing by w\sc, one finds that the same three quantitites appear in the energy equation only in the form $/$*. Thus, for any given shape of the EUV heating profile, $/$* determines the basic behavior of the atmospheric structure; changing the values of any of the terms in this nondimensional parameter just uniformly rescales the temperature and density profiles.

In Figure 8.5 we show a family of solutions for a hydrodynamically escaping H2 atmosphere on Earth. In this calculation, rc/rs is held fixed at 30 while the nondimensional escape flux is varied. The calculations were carried out with rb/rs = 1.1. The EUV heating profile was chosen such that

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