Growth and decay of crystals

The growth and decay of scattering intensity with time, and the corresponding fall and rise of direct intensity are presented in Fig. 9. This is only a representative curve, and only two scattering angles of 30° and 36° are presented. Time is again counted from the instant of seeding. The diagram clearly reveals growth and subsequent fall of the crystals. From the

Fig. 8. The extinction coefficient and the ratio of scattering intensity at 30° to the extinction coefficient against time.


0 20 40 60 80 100 120

Fig. 9. The growth and decay of scattering intensity with time.

time variation of direct intensity, one can conclude that within 2 min after seeding all the crystals precipitate out. Crystal formation becomes complete within the first 30 s, thereafter the crystals remain floating for nearly 50 s, and falling down of crystals becomes complete in the next 40 s.

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