Figure 4.31 Fraction of Br, in the form of BrO. Calculated for 45°N equinoctai conditions based on daytime-average constituent abundances and photolysis rates.

Figure 4.32 shows a schematic of the partitioning between Br. and the Br,, reservoir species.

Formation of reservoirs from B>\ Bromine nitrate, BrONO,, is formed from Brr in the three-body reaction (4.43):

HOBr is formed from Br( in reaction (4.67):

HBr is formed from BrA primarily in the reactions

In the lower stratosphere, both reaction (4.79) and (4.80) can be important. In the upper stratosphere, reaction (4.79) dominates. There is also some speculation of an HBr product channel for the reaction between BrO and HO, (131,1321:

The primary source of BrCl is reaction (3.22a) between BrO and CIO:

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