Figure 4.4 Schematic of the partitioning between the constituent components of CI,: CIO and CI. Each arrow is marked with the reactants that facilitate the conversion indicated by the arrow.

The reactions that interconvert CIO and CI (reactions (4.6)~(4.8)) have no effect on the abundance of Clv because they are converting one form of CI, to another. Instead, CI, is only lost when CIO or CI are converted to the CI, reservoir species HQ, ClONO,, or HOG. Figure 4.5 shows a schematic of the partitioning among the Clv reservoir species. Note that, in general, the reservoir species only interconvert with CI,. Only under rare circumstances will the reservoir species react with each other; these circumstances will be discussed in Chapters 6 and 7.

Formation of reservoirs from Clx ClONO, is formed from CI, in the three-body reaction

HC1 is formed from CI. primarily in the reaction

with a few percent of the production from

Figure 4.5 Schcmatic of the conversion pathways between species of the CI, family.

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