Figure 4.10 Contours of zonally averaged daytime CIO abundance (pptv) for December 1992, derived from IJARS MLS data (version 4).

the low pressure found there. As a result, CI, decays slowly throughout the night, and can still maintain an appreciable concentration at sunrise of the next day.

We next consider the partitioning between [HCl] and the sum of [ClONO,] and LCI J. In the lower and mid-stratosphere, | ClONO,] ยป [CI,], and the ratio ([ClONO,] + |C1,1)/| HCl I = [CI0N02]/[HC1]. We next expand this ratio in terms of the ratios of constituents that are directly related by chemical reactions [90]:

[ClONO,] _ [ClONO-;] [CIO] [CI] [HCl] [CIO] [CI] [HClI

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