Thomas R Casten

Mr Casten has spent 30 years developing and operating combined heat and power (CHP) plants as a way to save money and reduce pollution. He serves as Chairman of Recycled Energy Development LLC. He founded and served as Chair and CEO of Primary Energy Ventures LLC, and Primary Energy Recycling Corp, which developed, owned and operated 14 projects that recycle waste energy in 5 states. He formed Cummins Cogeneration Company, a division of Cummins Engine Co., in 1977 to develop on-site combined heat and power plants and in 1986 founded Trigen Energy Corporation. Under his leadership, Trigen produced energy at 57 plants in 19 states, Canada and Mexico, and became a market leader in developing profitable district energy and on-site combined heat and power. Mr Casten is a nationally recognized expert on energy and environment issues. In 1998 he published Turning Off the Heat, a book explaining how the world can save money and reduce pollution by removing regulatory barriers to efficiency. He is the co-founder and former Chairman of the World Alliance for Distributed Energy (WADE) and also serves on the Board of Directors/Advisory Boards of the Carnegie Mellon Electric Industry Center, and the Center for Inquiry. He has served as President of the International District Energy Association, received the Norman R. Taylor Award for distinguished achievement and contributions to the industry, has been named a 'CHP Champion' by the US CHP Association and was the initial inductee into the Hall of Fame of the World Alliance for Decentralized Energy. He has served as an adviser to senior government officials, participated with President Clinton and Vice President Gore in the White House conference on global climate change, testified before Congress, State Public Service Commissions and State legislative committees, and has advised Indian, Chinese and Brazilian government officials on power industry governance.

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