Rev Sally G Bingham

The Rev. Sally Grover Bingham is a native of California. She is Priest in the Diocese of California, currently working as the Environmental Minister at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. She is the founder and executive director of The Regeneration Project (TRP), a non-profit ministry dedicated to deepening the connection between faith and the environment. Currently, the primary focus of TRP is the Interfaith Power and Light Campaign. This mission is a 'religious response to global warming' and TRP has taken a leadership role in that effort. Many organizations have recognized the importance of Rev. Bingham's work: in November 2000, the World Wildlife Fund recognized Interfaith Power and Light as a Sacred Gift to the Planet at a ceremony in Katmandu, Nepal; in July 2001, Rev. Bingham received the Green Power Leadership Pilot Award from the Center for Resource Solutions, the US Environmental Protection Agency, and the US Department of Energy; TRP received the international Global Energy Award 2002, which was presented to Rev. Bingham in Austria by President Gorbachev; in 2005, the Interfaith Power and Light Campaign was recognized in 2005 at the Clinton Global Initiative; in July 2007, Rev. Bingham and the Interfaith Power and Light Campaign were given the Senator Barbara Boxer 'Conservation Champion Award'; in May 2007, Rev. Bingham was awarded the US EPA Climate Protection Award; and in 2007, Rev. Bingham is a finalist for a 'Purpose Prize' award.

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