Paul C Pritchard

The renowned conservationist, Michael Frome, described Paul Pritchard as one of the most influential conservationists of modern times and the Smithsonian Institution recognized him in its book, Conservation Leaders. Founder of the National Park Trust and President of National Parks and Conservation Association, he has been a significant force in the addition of over half of the US' national parks, the first estuarine and marine sanctuaries, state heritage programs, the saving of Canada's St Catherine Islands, the protection of China's national parks, and the fight for the Earth's delicate climate. A decorated career officer in the US Department of the Interior, Mr Pritchard has chaired a Presidential task force and was instrumental in the addition of Alaska national park units. He has published more than 100 articles, including 1 celebrating the 75 th anniversary of the National Park Service in National Geographic. He was also the creator of the March for Parks Earth Day event and the founding chair of the Climate Institute. He holds a B.A. in Humanities and an M.Sc. in Planning and is a decorated Vietnam veteran.

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