John Topping

Mr Topping is President/CEO of the Climate Institute, a non-profit that he founded in 1986 to promote global climate balance. Under his leadership, the Climate Institute, the world's first environmental organization focused on climate protection, organized the first Symposium on Climate Change for UN missions, has carried out Country Studies in nations with a quarter of the Earth's population, and has carried out activities in over 40 nations. Prior to establishing the Climate Institute, he was staff director of the Office of Air and Radiation of the Environmental Protection Agency and a lawyer with the US Department of Commerce, the President's advisory council on minority business enterprise, and the US Air Force. He is the co-author of a book on US air pollution control law and editor of two volumes on climate change, Preparing for Climate Change and Coping with Climate Change. He edited the portions of the IPCC First Assessment Report on Impacts of climate change on human settlement, transport, industry, energy, human health, air quality and UV radiation, and was lead author of the sections on human settlement, industry and transport. He is currently a director of Oceana Energy Company, which is developing tidal energy in San Francisco Bay and a number of other locations. Mr Topping received an A.B. in international relations from Dartmouth College and a J.D. from Yale University. In 2002, he received Dartmouth College's Martin Luther King, Jr Social Justice Award for Lifetime Achievement.

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