Evangelical actions to build climate protection into overseas ministry Jo Anne Lyon

World Hope International is a faith-based relief and development organization currently working in 30 countries to alleviate suffering and injustice through education, enterprise and community health. To the hungry, we offer life. To the forgotten, we give opportunity. To the outcast, we foster dignity. To the desperate, we bring hope. Our programs include Hope Enterprise - helping the poorest families learn new skills, receive small-business loans and launch small business ventures; Hope for Children - the child sponsorship arm; Community Health - providing health care services and education to developing countries by allowing communities to take charge of their own health; and Hope Corps, which facilitates short-term outreach opportunities for professionals, college students, families and individuals.

In most of the countries in which we operate, climate change presents a real threat to the well-being of the population, especially the poor. The adverse effects of climate change are likely to mount with time, so the very young and those yet to be born are likely most at risk. Recognizing this, I was a founding member of the Evangelical Environmental Network and served recently as spokesperson of the Evangelical Climate Initiative. In World Hope International's programs we hope to incorporate climate change considerations into our planning. We are heartened by efforts described earlier at the Washington Summit such as the International Leadership Alliance for Climate Stabilization and look forward to working with this effort and other similar climate protection initiatives to better the lives of those we seek to empower.

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