Beginning in September 2007, there will be more than 20 million budding environmentalists and industrialists flooding back to the more than 4000 US campuses. These students will have access to a nearly limitless open source of human knowledge and the academic freedom to pursue whatever aggressive climate solutions they choose.

Like their parents of four decades ago, who have just celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Summer of Love, these students are ready for action. They have

Box 22.2 Selection of colleges, universities and educational associations stepping forward to take action

Professional efforts

Leading campus sustainability efforts

• Arizona State University Office of Sustainability Initiatives: www. , Executive Director, James Buizer

• Brown Is Green:, Environmental Coordinator, Kurt Teichert,

• University of Buffalo U B Green:, Walter Simpson, University Energy Officer & Erin Cala, Environmental Educator

• University of California Office of the President (UCOP) Facilities Administration Sustainability:, Sustainability Specialist Matthew St. Claire

• Cal Climate Action Partnership: index.html, Project Manager, Fahmida Ahmed

• University of Colorado Boulder Environmental Center: www.ecenter., Director, Dave Newport

• Cornell Sustainable Campus:, Director of Sustainability, Dean Koyanagi

• Dartmouth Office of Sustainability:, Sustainability Coordinator, Jim Merkel

• Environmental Sustainability @ Duke:, Environmental Sustainability Coordinator, Tavey McDaniel Capps

• Emory University:, Director of Sustainability Initiatives, Ciannat Howett

• University of Florida Office of Sustainability:, Director, Dedee DeLongpre

• Harvard Green Campus Initiative:, Director, Leith Sharp

• University of Maine Sustainability Office: sustainability/, Scott Wilkerson, Sustainability Officer

• Michigan State University: html, Director, Terry Link

• Middlebury College, The Sustainable Campus: administration/enviro/, Jack Byrne, Campus Sustainability Coordinator

• MIT Sustainability:, Steven Lanou

• University of New Hampshire Office of Sustainability: www.sustainableunh., Tom Kelly, Chief Sustainability Officer

• Sustainability at University of North Carolina:, Director, Cindy Pollock Shea

• North Carolina State U's Sustainability Team: environmental_sustainability/

• Penn State University Center for Sustainability: index.aspx, Director, David Riley

• Tufts Climate Initiative:, Director, Sarah Hammond Creighton

•, Liz Davey, Environmental Coordinator

• Vermont University Greening UVM:, Gioia Thompson, Environmental Coordinator

• Yale University Office of Sustainability:, Director, Julie Newman

National efforts

• Association for Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE)

• Association of University Leaders for a Sustainable Future (ULSF): www.

• Focus The Nation:, Director Eban Goodstein

• Higher Education Associations Sustainability Consortium (HEASC): www.

- American Association of Community Colleges (AACC)

- American Association of State Colleges & Universities (AASCU)

- ACPA-College Student Educators International (ACPA)

- Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE)

- Association of College & University Housing Officers International (ACUHO-I)

- Association of Governing Boards of Universities & Colleges (AGB)

- Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers (APPA)

- National Association for Campus Activities (NACA)

- National Association of College & University Business Officers (NACUBO)

- National Association of Educational Procurement (NAEP)

- National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA)

- Society for College & University Planning (SCUP)

• National Wildlife Federation Campus Ecology Program: campusEcology, Director Julian Keniry

• Second Nature:

• Sustainable Endowments Institute: College Sustainability Report Card: sustainability/Director, Mark Orlowski

• US Partnership for Education for Sustainable Development (USPESD)

State and regional efforts

• Environmental Consortium of Hudson Valley Colleges and Universities:

• New Jersey Higher Education Partnership for Sustainability (NJHEPS):

• South Carolina Sustainable Universities Initiative (SUI): sustainableu/

• Green Campus Consortium of Maine:

• New England Schools for Campus Sustainability (NESCS)

International efforts

• Alliance for Global Sustainability:

• Europe: Copernicus Campus:

• University of British Columbia:, Director of Sustainability, Charlene Easton

• World Student Community for Sustainable Development: http://wscsd. org/index.php

Student efforts Campus efforts

• MIT Energy Club:

• MIT Generator:

National student efforts

• Campus Climate Neutral: www.nael.sorg/projects/ccn/index.htm

• Campus Climate Challenge:

Regional and state efforts

• California Student Sustainability Coalition (CSSC)

grown up with the immense cataclysmic threat of climate change as part of their worldview. Global warming is their generation's nuclear bomb. Today's young generation is scared, frustrated with a lack of concrete action, and ready to work towards solutions.

They are a generation that has watched the world change in unimaginable ways. They were not alive when Kennedy was shot, but they remember where they were when the Towers went down. They have not grown up with the impending threat of communism, but they know the impending threat of terrorism. They have never seen a world war, but they have come of age during the Cold War.

In 2007 and beyond, this generation will work with the various efforts described above — and others — to find details about every trustee, chancellor, president, professor, graduate program, facilities manager, energy manager, investment manager, alumnus and student in the US university system. They will combine these data with detailed physical and financial data about every building, bus, car, appliance and person in the system. They will then use these data to envision 4000 new campuses that provide the same goods and services with less than a fifth of the associated carbon emissions.

In the process, they will transform their institutions of higher learning into moral leaders in the global battle to address climate change, the laboratories for the technologies and management processes to neutralize emissions of greenhouse gases, and the breeding grounds for future climate-conscious world leaders, professionals and citizens. With the right tools, support and inspiration, they can follow in the mold of students of the past, pushing for social and political change.

If you are a student reading this, I urge you to join the modern industrial revolution and take on the exciting challenge of transforming your campus to a climate negative institution. If you are not a student, I urge you to motivate, mobilize, empower and inspire the students you know to get involved.

The impending climate crisis can either be framed as the biggest potential catastrophe that humanity will ever face, or as the dawning of a beautiful new world. This generation must choose the latter if we are to have any hope of preserving life as we know it. The future is in their hands. Let's hope this Greatest Generation is up to the task.

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