Alexia C Kelly

Ms Kelly joined The Climate Trust in 2006. The Climate Trust is an independent non-profit organization that is dedicated to the purchase of high quality greenhouse gas offsets and the advancement of sound offset policy; it currently holds a diverse portfolio of 17 offset projects, accounting for US$8.8 million and 2.7 million tons of greenhouse gas emission reductions. As The Climate Trust's Policy Analyst, Ms Kelly's responsibilities include tracking and analyzing developments in the climate change policy arena and in the greenhouse gas offset market, preparing policy statements, comments and white papers on a range of topics, and providing information and advice to policy makers. In addition to her policy activities, she assists with a variety of consulting projects and participates in the acquisition and contract management of the Trust's offset projects. Ms Kelly holds a B.A. in Planning, Public Policy and Management from the University of Oregon, and a Master of Public Administration and a Master of Community and Regional Planning from the University of Oregon.

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