Towards a Sustainable Provision of Energy

Climate change and depletion of fossil fuels demand for a sustainable energy provision. According to the Dutch Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment (VROM, 1998) this will be the case if:

• All energy sources used are sufficiently available, now and in the future;

• The effects of energy consumption lastingly harmless to nature and mankind;

• Everybody has access to energy for a reasonable price.

These criteria demand for an energy system that is based on renewable or abundantly available sources, where affordable energy is generated by means of clean processes. One of the possibilities to do so is better deployment of local opportunities. This chapter will demonstrate the need for a more regional approach to energy and how local energy potentials can be systematically analysed. The main focus thereof is Sun, wind, water, biomass, waste heat and cold yet also clean types of fossil energy. The energy potentials - at which spot can which type of energy be yielded - can be charted. If they are subsequently superposed regional energy landscapes will evolve. These may form the basis for an energy-directed regional plan, proposing spatial interventions derived from energy potentials.

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