Climate change is not happening today or tomorrow. As a matter of fact climate change is already happening and will continue for at least the upcoming century.

Fig. 2.12 Shifting spatial investments (Source: Roggema, 2007a, Basic map: MUST)

So far, large climate change impact, different than in other parts of the world, have not yet struck Europe. However, the fact that the changes take place over a longer period does not mean that adaptation measures can be postponed until 2100. The timeframe and the bandwidth of change are known already. This makes it possible to anticipate. The time to do so is (still) there.

The opposite is true also. Waiting to take adaptation measures until climate impacts have happened at a large-scale means an arrearage. Then, it is too late to invest in measures, which might support society to move with the changes. Then, it is too late to anticipate.

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