The Japanese Approach

In Japan the strategy is focussed on some important categories, which play a major role in the country. The attention lies on the agricultural aspects due to shifting cultivation zones bound by the sea and to several aspects regarding heat stress, especially in urban environments. Furthermore, the country is affected and under threat of occasionally extreme hazards like earthquakes and typhoons, which apparently become more intense. The attention for regulating and raising awareness in disaster plans is important in the policies. In the review a distinction has been made in measures, which are to be taken from a technological, policy and socio-economic perspective respectively. The advantage is that non-technical measures are not disappeared in the technological storm of ideas and solutions. On the other hand solutions become less integrated and more separated. The Japanese approach shows a large trust in conducting assessments to implement adaptation measures and has a strong belief in monitoring, even to predict changes and weather extremes. Finally, the Japanese include some cultural aspects in their strategy as well. The starting moment of the blossoming season is an important change induced by climate change.

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