Condiciones Condiciones climáticas Socioeconómicas actuales actuares

Escenarios Escenarios climáticos socioeconómicos regionales regionales

Fig. 1.29 Organisational model of the Spanish adaoptation plan (Source: Oficina Española de Cambio Climático, 2006)

4. Promote to involve all people in distinct sectors and systems in order to integrate adaptation in sectoral policies;

5. Inform regularly about the results in projects.

The Plan has a sectoral approach and has identified an initial set of 15 relevant working sectors, which are vulnerable for climate change or contain adaptation challenges: Biodiversity, Water resources, Forests (Fig. 1.30), Agriculture, Coastal zones, Inland hunting and fishing, Mountain areas (Fig. 1.31), Soils (Fig. 1.32), Fishing and marine ecosystems, Transport, Human health, Industry and energy, Tourism, Finance/Insurance policies and Urban planning and construction.

For each sector considered, the likely impacts, vulnerabilities and/or needs for adaptation action are dealt with, including those potentially affecting spatial planning.

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