Spatial Planning

When talking about spatial planning the strategy very much is based on an ad hoc attitude leaving a major responsibility to municipalities. This has been criticized from various groupings and also from some municipalities, asking what the responsibility of the Government is exactly. The adaptation strategy does present Governmental actions, but at the same time the National Government reformed Denmark, abolishing the county level, which specifically could have been given the task to make more detailed adaptation action plans. The National Government also transferred - apart from national planning responsibilities - all planning authority to the municipal level. Consequently, the municipalities must face the responsibility for making adaptation plans. Despite the fact that municipalities are ready for this task, an overall framework and guidelines is required and not apparent in the strategy yet. This weakness in the strategy is being notified and it is foreseen that by end of 2008 a completely new digital elevation model (GIS) of Denmark will be developed, which shows purely the topographical surface with a certainty of ten centimetres. This model will be used extensively in order to visualise the spatial impacts of climate change.

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