Objective of the Adaptation Strategy

The strategy is based on climate adaptation being a long-term process and that there is still some uncertainty concerning the consequences of climate change and the pace of these changes. Therefore, the Danish government will implement information initiatives and start organising the area with a view to ensure that in future climate change is included in all planning and development stages, so that authorities, industry and individuals have the best possible foundation when considering whether or not to incorporate climate change, and if this should be the case when and how to deal with this issue.

This strategy includes the following initiatives:

• A targeted information initiative, including setting up a climate adaptation portal managed by a knowledge centre;

• A research strategy, including setting up a coordination unit with the view to ensuring that Danish climate research is more focused on the issue of adaptation;

• Setting up an organisation, including establishing a cross-ministerial coordination group to ensure that efforts are coordinated between public authorities.

The strategy includes a description of the vulnerability of the sectors where future climate change is expected to have an impact. Emphasis will be on whether initiatives have already been taken for ongoing adaptation, and what can encourage this process.

How a climate adaptation initiative should be dimensioned depends on an assessment of the consequences of climate change, how probable they are, as well as how much it will cost to prevent such climate change. In this connection consideration should be given to the ad hoc manner in which adaptation is being carried out.

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