Meaning for Nature and Agriculture

The nature and agriculture will face changing growing circumstances (see also Chapter 5). The summers will be warmer, last longer and contain more heavy showers, while in the winter period precipitation increases. This means that in the summer less water is available and that too much water causes problems in winter. The average temperature will increase with at least two grades Celsius until 2100 and this leads to chances at the development of new crop-species and new nature.

Depending on the soil type, the 'humidity calendar', temperature and duration of growing season these new crops and nature will gain importance. The may lead to shifts in the spatial patterns of the ecological main structure and the agricultural main structure as well.

Aantal dagen met >= 15 mm neerslag (jaar)

1976 - 2005

1976 - 2005

Fig. 2.10 Number of days with intense showers (Source: Alterra et al., 2007)

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