Heat and Cold

Figure 6.21 is the overlay map of heat and cold potentials. The map depicts the potentials of geothermal heat from aquifers at 3000 m of depth, to be deployed through empty gas fields, shown as grey grids. The drill-holes of gas locations are indicated by small blue triangles. The small dotted areas depict reasonable to good potential for heat and cold storage in shallow aquifers (50-250 m deep). The hollow circles are centres of heat (red) and cold (blue) demand, whereas the full circles mean supply of heat and cold. The excess of heat in industrial areas is evident. Nevertheless, the largest producer of heat, the Eems Harbour area, now has no heat-demanding function close to it. This can be altered through spatial planning that takes heat potentials into account.

Solar heat, again, is available anywhere and should be seized when possible. This also applies to local exchange of heat and cold with exhaust air, the soil and open water.

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