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Figure 6.20 shows the map of all potentials for electricity generation. It gives the best location for wind parks, a tidal plant and a few 'blue energy' plants along the coast, for a biomass-based industrial cluster in the centre, and for a new type of plant: an inundation plant for occasional flooding of the deepest polders in case of emergency. Furthermore, there are small, decentralised bio-digestion installations with combined heat and power (CHP) generation, spread through the countryside, which contains many isolated farms and villages. Energy values of solar radiation showed little variance over the province, so use of photovoltaic panels is possible anywhere. For large-scale solar plants, the energy properties of a northern place as Groningen are unfavourable. However, solar panels, as well as small wind turbines, can support local selfsupply.

Fig. 6.20 Overlay map of energy potentials of Groningen for the generation of electricity (Source: Dobbelsteen et al., 2007a)

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