Cross Sectoral Issues

Besides the focus in the Finnish strategy on a thorough analysis and definition of measures by party and period for each sector, some cross-sectoral issues are designated as well. Development of Administrative Capacities

The capacity within different sectoral administrations needs to be increased in order to integrate the adaptation strategy, both the knowledge about impacts as the definition and realisation of measures, in policies, planning and implementation of each sector.

Table 1.2 Anticipated impacts (top) of and indicative adaptation measures (bottom, * =2005-2010, "=2010-2030 and *** =2030-2080) to climate change on agricultural and food production



- Increased erosion and risk of nutrient leaching

+ Production potential of plants will increase

- Compaction of clay soil may hamper cultivation if ground frost is

+ Plant cultivation boundaries will move farther nort


+ Horticultural production will benefit

- Combined impacts of air pollutants (ozone) and UV radiation on

+ Outdoor grazing can be increased

ecosystems will become intensified

+ Overwintering of perennial plants will probably become easier

- Risk of insect damage and plant diseases will increase

- Overwintering of plants may become more difficult

- Need for irrigation water may increase

- impacts of increased extreme events on the quantity and quality of

the harvested crop

Anticipatory Reactive

Public Administration and

• Attention to production


methods adaptable to

climate change.

production structure

and locations in support

policy* * *

• Development of animal

disease monitoring


• Development of plant

disease and pest

monitoring systems*

Table 1.2 (continued)



Research and information

• Development of new technologies and cultivation methods and providing information on them"

• Conceptualisation of climate change and its risks*


• Integration of changed

Minimising the


climatic conditions and plant protection requirements into plant improvement programmes*

disadvantages of the potentially increasing use of pesticides**

Normative framework

• Assessment of the revisions to water protection guidelines**


• Introduction of new cultivation methods, cultivated crops and technology* *

• Extending the farm animal grazing period***

• Increasing the control of pests and diseases** Observation and Warning Systems

The focus in the Finnish observations lies on the average conditions and less on extreme events. This gap needs to be filled with extra attention in the observation and monitoring systems for the occurrence of different extreme weather events. Research and Development

Information, which supports decision-making can be best produced by integrating information on climate change, its impact and different adaptation measures. Thus, adaptation research always includes both climate research and impact research. The integration of knowledge is the most important research need. Education and Communication

Climate change, the impacts and adaptation need to be integrated into the curricula at all levels of education. The education must be oriented in a way that in the future there will be experts in climate change issues in Finland.

The communication of the Adaptation strategy will be done through the general communication on climate change as well as by communications within the different sectors.

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