Conseqences of Climate Change for Industry

By the emissions discussed industry actively influences the climate change. On the other hand, industry itself is influenced passively by climate effects. One main factor could be the situation of infrastructure which may be influenced or even destroyed by weather events such as snow, floods, or low water levels in rivers, which make shipping of goods untenable. Low water supply or higher water temperatures make process cooling and environmental activities more difficult.

Moreover, industrial activities would be affected through the impact of government policies pertaining to climate change, such as carbon taxes which increase the material and energy costs. They could also be affected through a changed consumer behavior. An example is clothing, the choice of which depends on the temperature, and more warm-weather clothing might be ordered in cold climates, and vica versa. Climatic impacts on natural resources may influence manufacturing that depends on that type of resource, e.g. food and renewable material processing, which depend on the agricultural yields which may change through climate factors.

This aspect of climate influence on industrial processes is not yet fully clarified, however considered of growing concern.

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