List of Illustrations ix

Preface xiii

Part One What Has Controlled Earth's Climate?


Climate and Human History 5

Part Two Nature in Control

ChaptEr Two

Slow Going for a Few Million Years 17

ChaptEr ThrEE

Linking Earth's Orbit to Its Climate 25

ChaptEr Four

Orbital Changes Control Ice-Age Cycles 35

ChaptEr FivE

Orbital Changes Control Monsoon Cycles 46

ChaptEr Six

Stirrings of Change 55

Part Three Humans Begin to Take Control

ChaptEr Seven

Early Agriculture and Civilization 65

ChaptEr Eight

Taking Control of Methane 76

ChaptEr NiNE

Taking Control of CO2 84

Chapter Ten

Have We Delayed a Glaciation? 95

Chapter Eleven

Challenges and Responses 106

PArT Four Disease Enters the Picture

Chapter TWEIVE

But What about Those CO2 "Wiggles"? 119

Chapter THirteen

The Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Which One? 127

Chapter Fourteen

Pandemics, CO2, and Climate 139

Pam Five Humans in Control

ChApter Fifteen

Greenhouse Warming: Tortoise and Hare 151

ChApter Sixteen

Future Warming: Large or Small? 159

ChApter Seventeen

From the Past into the Distant Future 169


ChApter Eighteen

Global-Change Science and Politics 179

ChApter Nineteen

Consuming Earth's Gifts 190

Afterword to the Princeton Science Library Edition 195

Bibliography 215

Figure Sources 219

Index 223

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