Mitigation of climate change

If immediate and dramatic steps are taken by the nations of the world to reduce the emission of anthropogenic greenhouse gases, then some

of the predicted future climate change may be reduced from some of the "worst case" to some of the "better case" scenarios outlined by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. It is inevitable that climate change and its consequences are happening and will continue, but the severity of the effects may be reduced over time by adopting different but economically feasible industrial, agricultural, and personal practices than are currently in widespread use.

Meeting emission goals for greenhouse gases is a complex process, involving the developed and developing nations of the world. Adopting climate change policies in industry may drive new technologies that are greener and produce less atmospheric CO2 and other gases. Previous attempts at lowering greenhouse emissions, such as the Kyoto Protocol, allowed trading of carbon credits between nations to allow large carbon producers economic trades with other nations and time to adjust to the protocols. However, not all countries signed the Kyoto standards.

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