Many people have helped me with different aspects of preparing this volume. I would especially like to thank Carolyn, my wife, and my children, Shoshana and Daniel, for their patience during the long hours spent at my desk preparing this book. Without their understanding this work would not have been possible. Frank Darmstadt, executive editor at Facts On File, reviewed and edited all text and figures, providing guidance and consistency throughout. The excellent photo research provided by Suzie Tibor is appreciated and she is responsible for locating many of the excellent photographs in this volume. Many sections of the work draw from my own experiences doing scientific research in different parts of the world, and it is not possible to thank the hundreds of colleagues whose collaborations and work I have related in this book. Their contributions to the science that allowed the writing of this volume are greatly appreciated. I have tried to reference the most relevant works, or in some cases more recent sources that have more extensive reference lists. Any omissions are unintentional.

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