Water Management Works in the Tarnava River Basin 3521 The storage reservoirs

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The Bezid storage reservoir is situated on Cujmed, the right tributary of Tarnava Mica, having the largest surface of tributary basin (157 sq km) and the highest volumes of water in the basin. The storage reservoir is situated upstream from the confluence with the Tarnava Mica river, 1.5 km away from Sangeorgiu de Padure. The aim is to decrease floods and protect against floods all the industrial and residential areas on the Tarnava Mica riverside as well as to meet the need for fresh and industrial water supply in Tarnaveni. Together with the development of the Tarnaveni chemical platform, it was necessary to increase the store discharge from 0.4 m3/s, which would not have been possible given the natural conditions on the Tarnava Mica river, only by means of restraining the available discharges in a storage reservoir upstream to supplement the minimum discharges.

The daily average minimum discharge on the Tarnava Mare river, with a probability of 95%, is approximately 0.55 m3/s in the entire Odorhei-Mediaj sector, and the monthly average minimum discharge, of the same probability, in creases in the same sector downstream from 0.85 m3/s to 1.08 m3/s. These situations have led to the building of the Zetea storage reservoir that not only prevents floods but also ensures and regulates river discharges to meet water requirements. It also ensures the normal quantities of water needed in the next 10-20 years according to the development increase, the water supply scheme, and the improvement of the present urban water supply system.

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