The Survey

From the literature review, it is clear that with the encouragement from the government, sustainable concept is beginning to settle in the construction industry. However, referencing several projects does not represent the wider scenario. To understand how far this concept has penetrated the industry, a survey was conducted among construction developers in Malaysia focusing on their understanding on this subject matter and whether they have incorporated this knowledge within their current and past projects. This survey focused on developers of building construction such as property and commercial building located in the area of Kuala Lumpur (capital city of Malaysia) and Selangor. These areas were selected because many construction developers, who have projects throughout Malaysia, are based there. All construction development companies from these areas were approached when conducting the postal survey. The list of the companies was obtained from the Real Estate and Housing Developers' Association (REHDA). A total of 271 respondents were approached and 35 questionnaires were returned for analysis. The data gathered were analyzed qualitatively and quantitatively. Software called Statistical Packages for Social Sciences (SPSS) was used to analyze the data quantitatively. This software enabled the data to be transferred automatically from spreadsheet to graphic to present the data in a more attractive manner. The averaging statistical analysis was also used to calculate straightforward totals, percentages, and averages. Qualitative technique was applied to make sense of meanings. Contextualizing strategy was used to connect statements, opinion, and comments to provide a coherent picture. The results are discussed next.

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