The detention reservoirs

The non-permanent storage reservoirs mainly aim to decrease floods damage. The most important in the Tarnava basin and even in the entire Murej basin are the storage reservoirs at Vanatori (25 Mm3) and Balaujeri (24.5 Mm3). There is also Nemja, with a total volume of 7.94 Mm3 on the Mojna creek, left tributary of the Tarnava Mica river. The Vanatori storage reservoir is situated on the Tarnava Mare river in the urban area of Albejti, Topa, Vanatori, and aims to decrease the floods on the upper stream protecting Sighijoara against floods by reducing the maximum discharge from 1364 m3/s to 1100 m3/s which results from the storage of 25 Mm3 of water, 0.1% insurance. The surface of the storage reservoir at 1% insurance is of 300.5 hectares, and 583 hectares at 0.1% insurance. Balaujeri storage reservoir is situated on the Tarnava Mica riverside having a length of 4500 m, a width of 900 m, and a surface of approximately 325 hectares. It is meant to function only when the discharges exceed the 5% insurance on the Tarnava Mica river, otherwise the surface remains dry and is cultivated. The maximum value of the storage reservoir of 0.1% insurance is of 24.5 Mm3.

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Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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